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Melt Blown Non Woven Fabric

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Melt blown non woven fabrics are mainly used for manufacturing disposable face masks, medical mask, n95 face masks, surgical face mask and other protective face masks. 

Face Masks made of melt-blown nonwoven fabric can effectively block the spread of bacteria.


1. High filtration efficiency and low resistance.

2. Can filter harmful particles as well as bacteria in the air.

3. More stable filtration efficiency and longer service life.

4. High porosity and small pore size.

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Meltblown nonwoven fabric is mainly used for folding masks and cup-shaped masks in the medical and surgical industries.

Our  melt-blown nonwoven fabric can meet the different standard requirements, including B95 / B99 / N95 / FFP1/2/3 and BFE serials.

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