Elastic Loop Ear Rope

Elastic Loop Ear Rope

Elastic Loop Ear Rope

Elastic loop ear rope  for surgical face masks are made of spandex and polyester fibers. The frequently-used width of flat elastic band is 3.0MM-5.0MM, the conventional diameter of round ear loop is 2.8-3.2MM. The specification can be customized in according to client’s requirements. ZMS elastic loop ear rope mostly used in the manufacturing of disposable face masks, medical disposable masks, surgical protective masks and so on.


1. The elastic ear rope is soft, durable and good flexibility.

2.The elastic rope with good quality is very stretchy. In the range of allowable tensile elastic deformation, it can easily restore the original length without deformation.

3.The elastic ear rope is suitable for all kinds of face mask ear-loop, N95 mask ear loop, FFP2 elastic ear-loop. 

Cycloidal packaging avoids the troubles of ear loop winding and knotting. It greatly improves the production effectivity of face masks producers and avoids the entanglement and dead knot of ear loop after pulling out. It is more convenient and labor-saving to use, which greatly saves the production fee and reduces the loss and costs of the face mask factory.

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