Disposable Cap

Disposable Non-woven Cap

Disposable Cap

high-quality non-woven fabric
Disposable Cap

Disposable Non Woven Cap is made of high-quality absorbent nonwoven fabric. The sealed elastic band can make the wearer comfortable. The elastic design around the head is suitable for various head types.

Advantages:  Our disposable cap is light, breathable and dust-proof. It’s better block dust and microorganisms. No washing. No maintenance. Environmentally safe, anti-static, no skin irritation and not easy to deform.


1. Disposable cap can be discarded after use, clean and efficient.

2. Protect your hair form dust and bacteria. Prevent sweat from hair getting into your eyes.

3. Our disposable caps are well-fitted and water-repellent. Non-woven creates a solid barrier to keep surgical fields sterile.

absorbent Nonwoven fabric
Disposable Cap

Application: Disposable cap is suitable for nurse medical facilities, pharmaceutical environments, healthcare, food processing, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, factories, cleaning and anywhere complete hair coverage needed.

Latex free, formaldehyde free. Sanitation and quality in accordance with the ISO standards.

Larger quantities you order, the price will be lower. We will reply in 24h.