Disposable Bed Sheets

disposable bed sheets

Disposable Bed Sheets

disposable bed sheets
disposable bed sheets

Disposable Bed Sheets made of non-woven disposable material. It’s very soft but strong. Not easy to be broken. Softer than a traditional bed sheet. Breathable and waterproof to keep you cool and comfortable all night.

ZMS Market disposable Bed Sheets is waterproof, oil resistant, hygienic and provides a good breathability. It can effectively avoid cross-contamination, be safer and more sanitary.


Easy for Cutting: Our non-woven bed sheet roll includes cutting line at every 70.8 inch for quick and easy tearing off with perforated cross sectional face hole.

Nice Using Feeling: Clean, non toxic, unscented, soft, breathable surface, professionally disinfected and has no irritation to the skin. Protects against bacteria and infections, absorbent, strong and reliable.

disposable bed sheets white

Application: Disposable Bed Sheet has a cottony feel and very soft to dedicate a wonderful relaxation. It is suitable for any medical or non-medical office use. Such as massage, esthetic procedures and body treatments,etc. It also can be used at home or on travelling.

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