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About Us

ZMS Market Co., Ltd. is a global personal protective equipment manufacturer in China. Our company provide various of disposable medical mask, disposable protective coverall, medical safety glasses, medical infrared thermometer and full body temperature screening system at competitive price. We have several manufacturing factories to produce these disposable medical products. The total area of these factories is more than 35000 square meters. In every manufacturing factory, we have director and workers to monitor the whole manufacturing process and delivery process. Accordingly, the quality and logistics can be guaranteed.

Why ZMS Market ?

High Social Responsibility

With the global spread of the new crown virus, ZMS is concerned about the epidemic situation, we implement social responsibility actively. Our company always pays attention to the latest situation, fights the "epidemic" with the whole society and fulfills social responsibility with actual actions.

Successful Experience of Import and Export

In the past 20 years, ZMS Company has been owned more rich work and export experience in the industrial and doing better and better in both service and export works.

Professional Team

ZMS Market is composed of production workers, e-commerce personnel, multilingual salesperson, skilled technicians and experienced engineers. Through decades of efforts made by market team, our manufacturing system becomes more comprehensive, and the trend of distribution and sales channels is diversified.

Best After-Sales Service

In order to provide the most efficient technical support and after-sales service, we have developed a professional multilingual team from pre-sales consulting to after-sales service. You will enjoy cooperating with ZMS.

ZMS Market Business

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Certificates of ZMS Market


All products of us have obtained CE certificates.

We sincerely hope that ZMS company can build one good and kind relationship with your company and hope that our products can help on the way of your company’s development. For more information or to discuss personal protective equipment , please complete an enquiry form, contact our experts on the Technical Hotline +86 (0)371 6782 9333, or Email: sales@earth-cable.com

Larger quantities you order, the price will be lower. We will reply in 24h.